Brief case joe; Eminem teaches Jimmy Kimmel how to rap

Eminem taught Jimmy Kimmel how to write, compose and rap. The track’s name is briefcase Joe. Eminem advised Jimmy to get an idea from his past and he came up with one about his dad’s old briefcase and how guys in junior high school nick named him as briefcase Joe, hence the name of the track.

One of the funny parts is when Jimmy says” This one goes out to all my hommies in Compton,”  and Em stops and the beat and asks him if he knows anyone there.


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Congratulations Kris Allen

Kris Allen was announced as this season’s American idol winner and may he continue to be successful in his future life. We had a debate with my friends on who will be the winner and i am glad America made the right choice.

For you Adam’s fans,  i must say he is a very good singer who will also get a recording deal ASAP. 

Everybody go to bed now.

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Movie stunt pilot earns $23 per day.

I was just watching news on CNN and they were running the story of the scheduled space shuttle launch. The space shuttle Atlantis will be launching soon and  its commander is Scott Altman was one of the stunt pilots in the movie Top Gun featuring Tom Cruise. He said in the interview that he used to earn 23 dollars per day while the movie director was spending thousands of dollars on the F-14 jet. I wonder what they are paying him to command the space shuttle with the poor economy. Probably 30 bucks.

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Are you ready for bizarro???

Six flags Great adventure in Jackson NJ says that “something bizarre has happened there.” Anyone who has been there knows the thrill ride called medusa. It was been chopped, screwed and transformed and it gave birth to bizarro. Bizarro has a minimum height of 54 feet and has a top speed of 60 mph. The ride duration is 3.5 minutes which is enough for anybody to piss on themselves. It has three trains carrying 32 riders. Delaware Valley are you ready?

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Should a man kiss his wife’s behind?

I had this burning discussion with a good friend of mine. We were discussing about the causes of problems in relationships and she gave me a funny example. She told me that if a woman/wife/girlfriend wants to watch a television show or a movie and needs company, the man is supposed to watch it with her regardless of his dislike of the show or movie and vice versa. 

If that is what most women believe, i think its an early sign for me not to have a television in my house when i get married….lol. Otherwise there will be too much noise in that house when i refuse to watch girls next door and prefer to stick on ESPN , Discovery channel and Tru tv.

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Naked Photos of Chris Breezy and Rihanna on the net??

I know the pictures have  been there for a while but wow, isn’t that some crazy stuff in a crazy world? Of course one of them leaked them to a friend or something like that. I saw them at media take out for those who have not seen them…lol.

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